Understanding roles and responsibilities

Each participant in the EL partnership has particular obligations to fulfill. It is important to understand these roles and responsibilities to ensure that everyone has a positive, fulfilling and productive experience.


  • The employer should provide an EL opportunity that aligns with the student’s program of study, skills, knowledge and/or experience.
  • The EL opportunity should also align with the university’s academic standards, policies and calendar.
  • The employer should understand and comply with relevant regulation and legislation. Our Legal and HR Guide provides a general overview of your rights and responsibilities.
  • If the EL opportunity is in the workplace, the employer should maintain supervision of the student.
  • The employer should give the student guidance and feedback on their performance, and if applicable, participate in evaluation.


  • Students are expected to be prepared for their EL opportunity.
  • Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner, seek clarification on their roles and responsibilities as it relates to their EL opportunity, and meet any deadlines, goals or targets established by the employer, non-profit or partner organization.
  • Students are expected to satisfy the learning outcomes and goals specified by their academic program.


  • The university is obligated to ensure that every EL opportunity is meaningful and aligned with the student’s area of study.
  • The university is expected to provide the student with recognition and/or academic credit for their participation in EL.
  • The university is responsible for ensuring students and employers have the appropriate supports to carry out a positive and mutually-beneficial EL opportunity.
  • The university is expected to stay up-to-date on relevant regulations and laws as they relate to EL opportunities, and communicate this information to relevant parties.
  • The university is responsible for providing a central point-of-contact for employers who wish to engage in EL.