Negotiating the Partnership

It is important for every EL partnership to be formalized in a legal agreement signed by the participating parties. Each university will have its own formal agreement template, but in general, the agreement should include:

  • The rights and responsibilities of the employer, the student and the university.
  • The length of time that the agreement is in effect, and under what conditions the agreement may be terminated beforehand.
  • A statement of indemnification (e.g., agree to defend and/or pay damages for just cause).
  • Insurance obligations for the university (to cover the student) as well by the employer.
  • Financial compensation to the student, if applicable.
  • A commitment to report any workplace injuries immediately to the university.
  • What information is to remain confidential, how confidentiality is to be maintained and the future use of that information.
  • In the case of research carried out by students and supervised by faculty and/or the employer (for community-based research), a research agreement, and a data sharing/transfer agreement must be specified.