Building and Maintaining the EL Partnership

Successful EL partnerships are built on a foundation of mutual understanding, aligned expectations and ongoing communication. There are important considerations and best practices to keep in mind throughout the EL opportunity to ensure that these conditions are met and that everyone is fully committed to the success of the partnership.

In your initial discussions, strive to create a shared understanding of four key areas:


What do you wish to achieve through this EL partnership? Be open about your expectations and what you want from this experience as an employer.


Why do you want to leverage EL to achieve these goals? Be frank and honest about your reasons for wishing to engage in EL. Articulate how the student will benefit from that.


What kind of EL best suits your circumstances? Take into consideration any financial, time and human resources you are comfortable investing into this partnership.

Roles and Responsibilities

What are your rights and obligations in this partnership? What are the rights and obligations of the university and of the student?