Benefits for your Organization

Benefits For Your Organization

Bringing on skilled students is a great way to access some of Ontario’s top talent and future leaders, while also serving as a smart staffing strategy for businesses and organizations with limited human resources capacity. Check out some Case Studies to hear from Ontario employers how they benefited from their EL partnership with local universities.

The Benefits of Experiential Learning for Employers

Fresh Perspectives

Students are well-educated in a wide range of disciplines, bringing up-to-date knowledge and new ideas to your organization.

Job-Ready Skills

Students have developed skills in critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, communication and leadership that are beneficial in a variety of workplace settings.

Creative Staffing Solutions

Small and medium businesses and non-profit organizations typically have limited financial resources and HR capacity. Working with EL students can help you meet your needs while keeping these constraints in mind.

Expanding Employee Capacity

Students can take over certain tasks to help existing staff perform more value-added functions. They give you the opportunity to take on new projects that may not otherwise be possible.

Streamlined Recruitment

Students who have experienced hands-on learning have a greater than average retention rate than other employees, making them a perfect new and permanent addition to your organization.

Team Players

Students want to gain real world experience in the workplace, build their resumes, and  take advantage of opportunities to exercise their skills and demonstrate their value to potential employers today and in the future.