About Us

About Us

The Propel Initiative helps small and medium businesses, non-profits and other external organizations benefit from the creativity, skills and energy of Ontario’s students by supporting and facilitating experiential learning (EL) partnerships between employers and universities. Propel lets you connect quickly and easily with local universities to begin successful EL partnerships and offers tools, best practices and resources to support hands-on learning opportunities for students that also deliver tangible benefits to businesses, non-profits and community organizations.

Propel is built and maintained by the Council of Ontario Universities alongside the Ontario Nonprofit Network (ONN), the University of Guelph and York University. The project is funded through the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Career Ready Fund Stream 2 – Employer and Regional Partnerships.

This site offers:

  • Information about Experiential Learning and how it can benefit external businesses and organizations.
  • Guides, best practices and other useful resources for employers who want to engage in EL partnerships with local universities.
  • Direct links to the EL or Career Services departments at Ontario‚Äôs universities to help employers quickly and easily begin the EL partnership process.
  • Stories of unique and successful EL partnerships to demonstrate the value Ontario students can bring to external businesses and organizations through hands-on work opportunities.

Take advantage of this website to find the talent, drive, energy and creativity that will propel your organization forward with the untapped potential of Ontario’s students. Connect with our province’s best and brightest students through the Propel Initiative to solve your business challenges.