Propel your organization forward with the creativity, energy and ideas of university students.

What is EL?

Through experiential learning (EL) partnerships, university students can bring a unique skill set to help solve your challenges. Propel Initiative connects your organization with a full suite of tools and resources to help you access and manage student talent to fit your needs. Every small-medium sized enterprise and non-profit organization can benefit from more hands on deck, new skills and critical thinking.

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Benefits to Employers

Experiential learning (EL) partnerships can help employers gain access to the talent and resources that address their needs and overcome challenges while taking into consideration their unique circumstances and limited financial and human resources.


Benefits to Students

Through Experiential learning (EL), students get opportunities to practice and refine their skills, apply the knowledge gained during their studies to real-world problems, and build their resumes through hands-on learning experiences with businesses, non-profits and other external organizations.

U of W engineering students show off latest innovations

Cutting edge technology and creative problem solving filled the Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation Friday.